The Meaning of the word Apocalypse from Webster's Dictionary:

Main Entry: apocalypse
Pronunciation: [uh-pok-uh-lips] Function: noun Etymology: Middle English, revelation, Revelation, from Late Latin apocalypsis, from Greek apokalypsis, from apokalyptein to uncover, from apo- + kalyptein to cover -- Date: 13th century.

We are living in strange and interesting times. Many times the word apocalypse comes up in regards to "the end of the world" etc. But as you can see above the REAL meaning of the word is to "uncover," a "revelation," to REVEAL.

Perhaps it is time to look at these amazing times that we are living in with different perspectives of inquiry and expectation. This forum is for the "seekers," those not afraid to ask the questions. It is also for the "seers", those who can see beyond the deception being perpetrated upon the masses. This is a place to share these insights and to dig deeper into their meanings. What are we are looking for? The Truth. Where will we find it? We don't know!

The Surfing The Apocalypse Network has been established to provide a way for the reader to interact with the main site

The best posts will be chosen daily and linked to the front page.

Topics Include but are not limited to:

Alternative History / Apocalypse Culture / Conspiracy / Chemtrails / Crop Circles / Earth
Changes / Forbidden Archeology / Holy Grail / Intelligence / Prophecy /
Radar Anomalies / Religion / Sacred Geometry
/ Sitchin / Space / UFO'S / The Unexplained...

....And anything else that pierces the veil of the matrix around us.

It is hoped that an interesting and non-judgemental dialogue can take shape here.
While we can all disagree, may we agree to do so in a civil and respectful manner.

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    NOTICE: Hateful and/or Threatening emails WILL be published including the email address of origin.

  • Agreement: You agree that all races, ethnic groups and religions have had controllers and those that have been controlled - therefore it is an error to blame any entire "group" of people for all of the "evils" of the world. You may address religious doctrine - policy etc that has influenced world events. You may address the "official" history that we have been taught and offer alternative historical views and research, but you may not condemn an entire group of people based solely on their religious, gender or ethnic inheritance.

    This is not a chat room, so please limit posts of only one or two word replies. This is an area to post articles, research, editorials and views and to comment intelligently on those posts.

    Look at your membership here as an invitation. An invitation to come into a friend's living room and converse with all your friend's friends. Common courtesy is the number one rule. Spirited debate is encouraged but no flame wars will be tolerated. Intentional and constant disruptions that only lead away from the subject being discussed will be grounds for termination.

    These rules have been established based on years of experience in various interactive types of environments. There are those who do not want the free discussion of ideas and will use various ruses to disrupt. These rules are an attempt to protect the environment of discussion and growth.

    Over the years that Surfing The Apocalypse has been on the internet, it has established itself as a top alternative news site - this is your opportunity to become a part of that. It is my belief that opening up the site to the input of so many more points of view can only enhance it.

    This is viewed as a organic process - so the administration reserves the right to revise rules of membership if the need arises. If any changes are made to rules of membership, they will be posted on the forum and added to this page.

    I am looking forward to working with all of you.

    Theresa de Veto
    Editor/Founder Surfing The Apocalypse
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