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by vortex, Monday, February 28, 2005, 03:48 @ Argus

Well, I'm glad some other folks did notice that, and by the way
it's the first time I can trully say that the moon was in the wrong place. I have been in my current home for about 4 years now. The front door faces north. I go out the back door to have
a smoke(should quit) every hour or so. Few days ago during the
full moon everything looked fine. I can see the moon coming up
over the roof of my house almost following the guter as it moves
up. The next night I see the moon and I think, Now that's odd. It's kinda south. Every hour after that the moon kept moving due
south, it was not coming up over my head like the previous day.
I mentioned it to my wife, hey, the moon it's way out of place
just in case you want to know, I said. Well like talking to a wall. She has asked me not to say anything to her, because she
does not want to know. I can't blame her. But this time it's for
all to see; not just us connecting the dots here.


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