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by Socrate, Tuesday, February 22, 2005, 10:32

The ionisation field extension in the alignement of Mars and the galactic center just left the earth/moon orbit system recently (This is why the moon anomalies) to pursue his sweaping through the solar system.

As we saw recently on the sun, sunspots run as hell to reach the right side of the sun (right from earth perspective). This have been caused by THIS extension and this is explaining why the actual sun flares toward Mars.

In the following week we must expect to see many more of these flares, directed toward Mars (mean the other side of the sun).

If this should not affect earth very heavily, we will start to rock a bit more in following weeks, due to the orbital direction of the earth which will be slowing it's movement toward the galactic center to pursue it's orbit. This escalation in earth geo and climate activities will increase slowly up to end of may.


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