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by Geneticus, Sunday, December 26, 2004, 12:53

In the last 2 weeks, UFO's have been seen by the Iranian public and military concentrating around their nuclear facilities. The first and most likely explanation is the use of unmanned reconnaissance drones by the USA military. The India Times points out, however, that the USA has no need to put these expensive drones in harms way for detection purposes. I am personally aware that our satellites can read a license plate from space. I am sure radioactive and other harmful elements show up as a bright blip on the radar. Furthermore, the Iranian military has admitted to being unable to touch these UFO's with any of their current technology. Read the article below for a list of aircraft in their arsenal. This makes these objects at least an interesting mystery.

Satellites can only see straight down, however. So if an angle view is needed on a facility, then drones would fill that need. I am leaning toward the drone explanation. If this is true, then a military action would seem more likely to occur in the near future. This is also an indication of a major advancement in drone defensive systems.

UFO Sightings over Iranian nuclear installations â€" Iranian Air Force orders shoot at sight but admits technical inability

Kiran Chaube, Special Correspondent
December 26, 2004

Iranians complained about Unidentified Flying Objects at very low altitudes around its nuclear installations all around the country. United States has excellent satellite imagery and hence do not need low altitude spy planes to monitor the activities as the Iranian nuclear scientists and engineers as they assemble their nukes.

Sources in Iran say, the Iranian Air Force have admitted these sighting and assuming these are US spy crafts, directed Iranian Air Force to shoot them down at sight.

Sources also reveal that Iranian Air Force have failed shoot down even a single UFO and many in Iranian Air Force are complaining about lack of technical ability in shooting these UFOs down.

Current Aircrafts of Iranian Air Force:

IAMI Azarakhsh (Iranian Origin)
F-4 Phantom: D/E/RF-4E
F-5 Tiger: E/F
Shenyang F-6
F-7 Airguard
F-14 Tomcat: A
Mirage F-1
MiG-29 Fulcrum: A/UB
MiG-23 Flogger
Su-17/20/22 Fitter
Su-24 Fencer: MK
Su-25 Frogfoot: K

(Remainder of article at link below)

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