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by Theresa @, Monday, September 11, 2017, 20:47

Hello everybody, this is J from Finland blessing you with an update again.

I noticed there is a thread about Nag Hammadi and genesis. Here is my take. In finnish language elaa means to live and elama means life. Elo is a life of a person in poetry. So, using dreamtime logic elohim means the one who lives.

Eating of the tree of knowledge and then hiding behind leaves is a metaphor for thinking a thought and hiding it from all other beings. Closing the mind and introducing doubt.

Next issue, About STA. Supporting STA and Theresa is easy, secure and does not take but a few clicks. If You read this and find value in it, please cant you support a little? Sites like this are very important. We need to stay awake because the earth changes will just escalate in the future.

I would also like to tell you about plants..I know that I am preaching for the choir here, but anyway.

Google for example Stefano Mancuso.There is scientific evidence that proves that plants have consciousness and memory. This means that they respond to our thoughts and energies. And actions. This of course leads to the conclusion that they will respond to our pesticides too accordingly. We should be fair. The earth, yes the world is finite. If someone takes more that his fair share someone else gets less. But then again, change is life.

All should be balanced, We take what some one other gives, like food. Like oxygen. What do we give instead? Well..carbon dioxide for the trees and company perhaps?

What right do we have to take from another spirit, even Gaia herself more that we need? A spirit helps another spirit of course, but..think about it We cannot build our wellbeing on the foundation of suffering of animals and plants!

Anyway, I wish everybody a pleasant week and hope that those in the hurricane area will make it through it. STA and you all are great!

All the best,


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