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by chazzz @, USA, Monday, September 11, 2017, 11:04

Last night (Sunday 9/10) Steve Bannon had an interview with Charlie Rose which was on air. Additionally, there were other segments of the interview which were not aired but are available on the CBS 60 Minutes website. The interview which was on air is available here:
Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes

And other interesting tidbits that were from the interview but not aired are here:
Bannon predicts Trumps Re-Election

I suspect that Steve Brannon's comments will be interpreted like the parable of the blind men and the elephant - Everybody's expectations and experiences will strongly affect how it is perceived.

My own opinion of the interpretation is mixed - Obviously Bannon knew that Charlie Rose was hostile to his viewpoint and to Trumps and this clearly affects both men's viewpoints and style during the interview. But aside from that two things that emerge to me is: (1) Steve Bannon remains loyal to Trump and his goals and (2) While I do not care for the style and persona of either Donald Trump or Steve Bannon both have some valid points.

I still believe that if Trump were to accomplish most of his stated goals from the election campaign that he would be a successful president and probably be re-elected despite his persona. Those goals as I recall them were:

Make sure Americans have jobs and factories stay in America.

Get the USA's intentionally broken immigration system under control to where only legal immigrants can arrive and stay and the immigration policies are laws that are enforced. And I support higher vetting requirements for immigrants from areas where known terrorist cells are in existence to a significant degree.

Rebuild the USA's infrastructure and create real jobs doing that.

Get out of the old Cold War mentality and be willing to work with Russia where it is in our mutual interest.

On the other hand, things I am very uncomfortable with on Trump and Bannon are issues about Trump's personality and personal character and a too quick acceptance of neo-Nazi, KKK, and other racist groups. These items of character are just as important to me as Trump's stated goals from the election.

It is unfortunate that it has become hard to find truly factual and impartial coverage where it comes to Donald Trump and Steve Bannon. The pro-Trump side points at obvious media bias within the mainstream media but also glosses over Trump's failings and mis-steps. The anti-Trump side points at the failings, miss-steps, and in some cases mean-spirited things Trump and Bannon have said or done, while ignoring the prime campaign issues that resonated with working class Americans. But it does not stop with the media, of course. It seems that most ordinary people are highly polarized about Trump - either they think he can do no wrong or that he can do no right.

Trump is a human being. He is neither God-like nor a devil. He identified some causes that the working class people in this country identified with. At the same time he can be petty, narcissistic, and especially demeaning to women and to certain minorities. All these are there - the good and the bad. Pretending that only one side exists either for or against Trump is a selective blindness we cannot afford.


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