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by pragnos @, Sunday, September 10, 2017, 19:40 @ pragnos

STA readers;

Thank you for your interest. I don't know if solar flares have any direct influence on EQ's, but the particle storm that follows the flare a day or two later has some electromagnetic effects on the earth that we don't really understand fully. If this flare does not shower us with protons then an electromagnetic connection to EQ's would not occur and no big shakes at least due to that possible cause. EQ's due happen and there must be some sequence of events that builds the stress and triggers the release. We just don't connect the dots on this yet. Solar flares do put a lot of stress on the ionosphere and the earth's magnetosphere. What the knock on effects are we are still trying to figure out. There should be some enhanced Northern Lights to enjoy. It always seems to be cloudy here when there is something to see above. This flare may be officially rated as an "X-8". We'll see if it rebounds with a follow on M or X class flare.

Hurricanes, EQ's, and high X class solar flares in the same time frame is quite suspicious. Somebody or something is trying to get our attention. Will we be receptive? --pragnos

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