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by Theresa @, Sunday, September 10, 2017, 15:24

Sinead O'Connor has just recently posted a couple of videos on her Facebook page. She is very depressed and has been living in a motel in New Jersey for 2 years, unable to see her children and other things which are in her home country of Ireland.

She is crying out for help. I won't post those videos here, you can find them if you want.

IMHO she is a very strong but gentle spirit that is having a lot of trouble dealing with the world as it is. Dr. Phil has reached out to help her but apparently the place where he sent her is not a good one, according to another video she posted. She does seem to think Dr. Phil is genuinely trying to help her though.

So please pray for this amazing young woman. She is crying out desperately for help. She has one of the most amazing voices of our time.

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