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Hang On There a Minute Young Lady.... (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by pragnos @, Sunday, September 10, 2017, 14:42 @ CatFan


A prayer I use in meditation phrases it this way "Spirit is the dance between light and shadow--giving form to the universe and music its voice." The words came to me in a meditation near Boynton Canyon in Sedona in the mid '90's.

The Torah is said to have more than one author and the name used for the creator is associated with a particular author. In English we see transliterations such as "Elohim" which is plural and is perhaps a way of emphasizing the presence. Adonai and Yahway are among other terms used. What is often lost in translations from Hebrew to English are the idiomatic meanings that do not survive the translation and are meaningful primarily in the historical context. There are plays on words, there are acrostics, numerological hidden meanings derived from the number values of Hebrew letters, and much more. This is why lifelong study of the same text continues to bring new meaning and deeper wisdom. Belief in the literal details of the stories is not so important as it is to learn the meaning and wisdom that these stories narrate of deeply flawed people trying to grasp how to become closer to their creator.

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