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by chazzz @, USA, Sunday, September 10, 2017, 12:39

NY Post - North Korea Capital Evacuated

An interesting bit of news - As of last Friday it appears that North Korea's capital was evacuated. It's especially telling given that Pyongyang (North Korea's capital) is so much more developed than most of the rest of North Korea. On satellite maps, at night it's sort of a lone bit of light in an otherwise dark country.

I have to assume that the evacuation was a precaution in case the USA should attack North Korea due to the recent underground test of a fusion enhanced nuclear weapon - And there was some expectation that North Korea was likely to test another long range missile this weekend. Instead, Kim Jung Un aparantly had a celebration to mark the progress of his nuclear weapons development team.

An evacuation would seem to imply that in North Korea's eyes they suspected that President Trump might initiate a surprise preemptive attack on North Korea's leadership. Note that neither the nuclear faculties nor missile facilities are located in Pyongyang. But of course the center of North Korea's government is normally located in Pyongyang. Of course, I assume Kim Jung Un and the heads of his military are normally located in well dug in bunkers these days....


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