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by pravdaseeker @, Saturday, September 09, 2017, 23:13 @ Theresa

Dear STA Readers, Writers,

Here is a computer generated simulation of the storm surge that can possibly be expected once Irma makes Florida landfall.

Granted, this was put together BEFORE the storm shifted FURTHER west. Miami is not in the "bullseye", but the first big Florida city to cop it will be Fort Myers it looks like. Then it will spin on up to Tampa now. I remember a hurricane some years ago that went up the west coast of Flrida, and right at Tampa region it took a direct right turn and went almost straight EAST! It really destroyed a lot of places, and it caught a lot of folks by surprise, to their demise too. It "disappeared" some retirement trailer parks as I recall.

So as you watch the video, take note of the cities simulated, and if it is Miami, drop the water level shown to about half as deep maybe, and STILL, it will be such a bloody expensive disaster!! Even if Miami only gets half flooded as shown in the simulation, it will be an astronomical amount in damages. And still most of it will be a total write off still.

Not to be a bummer, but keep in mind that Category 4 JOSE, is chugging along right behind Irma...and it is getting ready to re-hammer some of Irma's destructive wake. The amount of deadly projectiles flying around when Jose hits, will be multiples more than Irma. A lot of the video's online now are showing people hanging out in the wind.. Imagine getting hit in the head by a broken 2X4 going 150 MPH!!! Your head will be a brief splash of red mush and then GONE, in the wind.

Anyhow, check out how deep it is expected to be in some areas!

As you can see, it is going to be a lot more in "damage dollars" than Harvey.

I know a few people who live in the region, hope they are fine, and moved to higher ground.

It will be a huge mess, and then comes Jose??? What is it's expected track? Currently Jose is projected to "sit and spin" in a small clockwise circle. Of course, this is in waters east of the Bahamas. And if it does this, it will intensify, it is a Cat 4 currently.

Jose Track link: CLICK HERE

Irma, even if it misses Miami, it has slowed well down to 7 mph...!

That means, a LOT MORE RAIN! Think Harvey junior when it comes to rainfall?? It has slowed to half it's previous speed, so expected rainfall is basically doubled.

The Deagle depopulation events begin????




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