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by CatFan @, Green Country, USA, Saturday, August 12, 2017, 08:19

I have read that the RAF gave their pilots bilberry during WW2 to improve night vision for bombing raids. Bilberry also is highly praised among natural treatments experts for its many benefits.

I am 71 and began noticing night time driving vision problems in my mid 60's. I also have early stage cataracts. Three years ago when I made an out of state trip to visit relatives, I had some difficulty with driving home after dark on I-44. Most noticeable was the 'halo' effect with street lights and headlights. My car has tinted windows which is a real help with comfort in our long, hot summers, but can be a challenge after dark when the eyes lose some acuity, so I had been driving at night with the front windows down to below eye level.

I started taking bilberry for eye health about three months ago. Yesterday, I made a day trip up to Kansas to visit my farm friends. I drove home after dark on the state highway system which is two lane in some long stretches. Wow, what a difference the bilberry has made in my night vision. The oncoming headlights did not bother me and the 'halo' was almost gone! I could see clearly as I was able to do when younger, and felt safe and secure with my ability to drive.

Here is some info on bilberry

This is the product I use. I take one capsule in the morning with my other supplements

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