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by Theresa @, Friday, August 11, 2017, 21:25 @ ConcernedCitizen

Thank you for sharing, my heart truly does go out for you....

Cleo, my darling blonde cocker spaniel died last July.

She had been diagnosed with cancer so we knew she did not have long.

I knew that any sign of her being in pain and I would have to put her down.

Since I am bed-ridden I worried that this would have to be done without my being with her.

I think she knew this somehow.

Her last day, we woke up and my housemate took her out for her morning outing where she successfully relieved herself.

She then came back in our room and she climbed up on me, laid on my chest, put both paws around my neck as we hugged each other and she then just passed peacefully in my arms.

It was heartbreaking but perfect. We were together when she went and she showed no fear, only love.

I was so relieved that we were able to be together when she passed. I can still feel her hugging and holding me as she passed....

I had her since 2002 when I got her at 4 weeks old and one pound. I had to bottle feed her at first and she would not leave my side ever, no matter that I could no longer get up and get her food, she was a soul mate and I sill feel her with me.

I loved her so much.

I thank God that she passed, in peace, in my arms in no pain.

But I miss my little girl so much.

I miss how we used to watch tv together. No matter how long the movie we were watching, if an animal came on the screen, she knew. She would get up and put her nose right against the screen.

We used to play a game I called "Let's go watch puppies on tv". When I would say that she would stare at the tv and watch as I loaded puppy videos from youtube...

So many stories I could tell.

Once, I was laying on my side and she came and put her head on my neck and I promise, she said to me *in my head* "I'm here to let you know that you are not alone."

I miss her so much yet still feel her with me.

I hope we see our furry friends when we cross over.


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