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by CatFan @, Green Country, USA, Friday, August 11, 2017, 11:11

My avatar here on STA is a picture of Pepper princess, my dear Cuddle Bear. I miss her so much. She was the most loving cat that would nap over my heart. We were amazingly close psychically which helped when she crashed.

She had been abandoned as a kitten so remained an emotional eater, like me, her entire life. She had separation anxiety and would eat when I left the apartment and again when I returned. This meant she gained some extra weight (not as much as I have though) which eventually led to insulin dependent diabetes (my Type 2 does not require insulin). I did all I could to keep her balanced, but in late spring, she had a blood sugar crash that I was able to fix with some food.

Then, she had her first severe crash with seizure so I wasn't able to her to eat. I did, however, give her energy transfer by consciously sending her intense love to keep her going until I got her to emergency room. The doctor said they could not measure her blood sugar it was so low, yet she was still alive and recovered. Vet recommended a simple adjustment to insulin which helped her.

A few months later she had another milder crash when I wasn't home (neighbor told me). As summer came on, keeping her balanced got more challenging and one day she had another severe crash with seizure. Again, I sent her energy and rushed her to the emergency room. The vet said her blood sugar could not be measured yet she was still alive. I decided at that point to put her down and not keep putting her through these crises. There was no way to keep these incidents from repeating and it would have been cruel to make her endure them.

The method I used I have also successfully used on a human friend. I would describe it this way. Keep the person or animal in your mind if distant, or hold them if you are with them. Feel love for them as intensely as you can even to the point of shivers up the spine. This will cause you to breathe faster and deeper. Keep a happy attitude, smile, and call up joy within yourself. When I was younger and not so spiritually strong, this would fatigue me after fifteen minutes, but now, it invigorates me. The first incident with Pepper I was able to keep it up for over an hour.

You can keep this up as long as needed to get any other assistance to your friend or pet, or until they improve and stabilize. It is quite an experience and it helped me understand why Jesus would have to retire from the public after healing people so he could recharge.

This is a twofie of me and Pepper in a cuddle.


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