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by pravdaseeker @, Friday, August 11, 2017, 00:28 @ Theresa

Dear STA Readers, Writers,

Good to see the site up and running again...

Ah well, as I and others mentioned a while back; North Korea wasn't going away, and it would be in the headlines AGAIN soon enough basically... That was when a month or so ago that the 3 aircraft carriers were headed to Korean waters supposedly..whether they really got there or not is another story/question.

And now here we are; at this lovely juncture. It is looking pretty grim really. A diplomatic miracle is needed, in my opinion, to avoid some really bad hostilities possibly in the very near future.

Ford Prefect was correct in some major points, but I don't think the problems and issues are/were solely "made" in Washington D.C.

[quote] All they need to do is agree to the Chinese and Russian proposal to suspend all the nonsense like missile and nuke work in the North and war games and provocative overflights in the South. Then everybody sits down like adults and discusses the issues, but at the moment Trump and his clowns would rather prance around in the center ring and show off.[/quote]

Ford Prefect's words above are only words that make sense to common normal people! People that aren't F****G Sociopaths, whom the ENTIRE world tends to make/vote in; a "population injection", into the ranks/profession of "WORLD LEADERS". The entire world seems to be lead by people with this inhuman affliction of sociopathy.

It sounds great and OH SO SIMPLE... and it is really; but NO WAY can it be so simple during international diplomatic and empire protection/expansion spasms politically being experienced world wide; thanks to "the infamous them"; who have been getting the world "SET UP" to deal with "todays world events/issues" for the last 30 years especially.

After WW2, it was the United Nations that divided Korea into the TWO halves. Now, how heavily USA influence into that ruling or decision I don't know; but surely many had hand in that first big bleeding wound to forever fester unto this typing in response and for the unknown future.

If history is any story, or roadmap; from 1953 until now.. for 64 years or there about's; the Korean War was never settled...just a prolonged cease fire thing. So "officially" both governments WILL have a crappy haughty attitude for that reason alone.

It was actually a result of the breakdown in USA-Russia relations post WW2, and early "Cold War" days.

These were to be the two"parties" that were to "manage" the reunification of Korea post WW2. The Cold War screwed that from ever happening.

Then Kim-Il-Sung, the original "god" of Korea, grandfather of current sociopath running North Korea; declared a "nation" for the divided North Korea, along the dividing 38th parallel and IMMEDIATELY got diplomatic recognition and support from the USSR. That was 1948. by the time 1950 rolled around, things were getting bad. There has been some sort of economic sanctions in place on North Korea since 1950.

Then in 1968, to re-open wounds that "maybe" had begun to scab over; There was the USS Pueblo "incident". That has NEVER set very well with the USA.

Then in 1994, during Bill Clintons term in office... Good Ol' B. Clinton said... "I was determined to prevent North Korea from developing a nuclear arsenal, even at the risk of war.”

Then shortly thereafter a US military helicopter is shot down by North Korea. 1 pilot dead, and 1 pilot held "captive" by North Korea for 13 days.

Then in 1999 this: CLICK HERE

Clinton gives China a HUGE step up in technology, as in rocket technology. And China gives "it" to it's good buddy North Korea.

Now North Korea is planning to launch 4 missiles over Japan, to "land in the sea" west of Guam very soon.
A "ring of fire" to encircle Guam" with... which has "Guamanians" rightfully very concerned.

There have been numerous tension causing moments over the years with North Korea upsetting South Korea, and the USA, and Japan. And recently the world.

5 days ago the UN Security Council voted unanimously against North Korea, and added over a Billion $'s in sanctions.

In response to Trump's "fire and fury" words...which had been provoked by North Korea saying something (PRIOR to Trump's "fire and fury" speech), similar in destructive terms towards the USA.

So let's say Jungle Kim, the current sociopath running NK... decides to shoot these 4 missiles to "land in the sea" near Guam???? OVER Japan.... and belly flop into the sea off Guam. WHAT IF THEY DIDN"T BELLY FLOP IN THE SEA? What if Guam gets whacked?

Should the USA attempt to shoot down missiles that go that direction? Or wait to see in the last 60 seconds or so of flight if they will hit Guam or not? By then it would too late to shoot them down.

This NK & USA pissing match has gone on since the "peace talks" in 1953.

The abilities of North Korea are probably a lot less stable than the Cuban Missile Crisis was. This will become known as the "North Korean Missile Crisis".

Let's hope we can narrowly avoid another brush with terrible destruction.

When governments are involved, and no one can "back down" for saving political face and a pissing match that has gone on since 1953....

A military entanglement seems almost a sure thing soon... or at least that is what the news media are saying.. and for once they might not be "fake news"-ing it.

It isn't just Trump talking war... Bill Clinton and other President's have mentioned it over the years.

It is a situation that has been left on the back burner and never attended to properly. Now it is boiling over and someone has to deal with it. But how, and who?

Will it get "physical" and fiery and furious? If so, will China remain on the sidelines and go with it's Security Council vote. Or will China weigh in on North Korea's side again. Perhaps even militarily?

Is it time for the great culling to begin?

If there is a strike, let's hope it is quick, precise, and done perfectly, or else it will get very messy fast. Oh heck, let's face it, it would get messy no matter what.. who am I trying to kid right?

I think it will be the USA can protect Guam, but don't "invade" North Korea. Does that mean it's ok to bomb them into the stone age, or what?

A lot of "backroom talks" are surely being relayed between USA, China, and Russia as this is being written.. or at least one would hope they are all talking to each other.

There are those who want a conflict to take place. And in this instance anyhow, I don't think it matters who is/was President of the USA.

This loggerheads was bound to rear it's head and need to be dealt with.




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