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by Gnosine @, Thursday, August 10, 2017, 22:41 @ Theresa

glad to see this site back up and hopefully you're doing better? the topic of north korea is an interesting sideshow, as are all of the topics blended in the static. interesting because while witnessing how all these elected officials, disinfo agents, et al... act in public, hiding the truth of terra is not so firma appears to be warping into a freak show of epic proportions. to add additional dialogue, the sun is entering a minimum. how much of a minimum? that's the rub! data indicates the new madrid fault line pops off at these times. to go on into further earth expansion events is only validated in the proof of the past and the lack of preparation being proposed by our governments as they would rather kill and destroy instead of attempting to overcome the obvious. the question arises "who really is it that can't handle the truth"?

"This region had 4 major 8.0+ magnitude earthquakes from December 1811-February 1812, during the Dalton Minimum (which included the “Year Without a Summer” of 1816), as well as during other periods of intense seismic activity during solar grand minima.

According to Casey and Choi, the past four strong periods of earthquake activity in this zone have all occurred during periods of very low solar activity-- during the Sporer (1450), Maunder (1699), Dalton (1811-12), and Centennial (1895) Grand Minima."

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