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by Mother_Of_The_World @, Sunday, July 30, 2017, 15:50

Dear XXX, I have listened to your program off and on for around two years now, whenever I get "down-time". I have some disturbing information and I fell that your program would be the perfect vehicle with which to distribute what I have. I have been under the employ of the Vatican for over five years. I have done what could best be described as counter-intelligence work, for the church. I am a man of God and please believe me when I tell you that the information I have is genuine, and very serious. Without going into too much detail about my former employers, I will briefly tell you that I have had a Top Level security clearance in the Vatican for quite some
time. Most of the work I have done regrettably falls into the realm of "black-ops", and I will not go into detail about that now. Around six months ago, I was working at a data terminal in a highly restricted area
following a case that I had just completed, when I stumbled onto something that nearly made my heart stop. Please pay attention here, this is where it gets strange. I uncovered a heavily encrypted sub-system that was surprisingly well hidden. I found that it was only accessible through the terminal I was at, and one other
terminal. (I must point out that the area I was in was not an area that I routinely used.) After two minute of trying to get into the system, the whole lab shut itself down and I was booted off the terminal. Not wanting to raise any eyebrows, I decided to leave and come back later that night. The strange thing was, when I came back, there were ARMED guards standing sentry outside of the lab. I must say that it is not unusual to see guards roaming the Vatican, but it is very unusual for them to stand sentry at a lab, much less while armed. Over the next month, I managed to slip in unnoticed only once. And after I had found what I came for, I understood the security. It took me a good deal of time to break into the system, and when I did, I wished I hadn't. When I entered the system, I came across a file titled "WORMWOOD?".
Thinking it to be a text file, I brought up the file with the intent of copying so I could read it later. What happened next was truly
remarkable. The file sort of "deteriorated" into a series of command lines that lasted approximately two minutes. Once it was done running, there it was. I had found a direct link-up to the Hubble space telescope. Not only that, but it was pointed directly at the comet Hale-Bopp. The program was running some kind of analysis. Taking directional notes, projecting path of travel, etc. After
realizing what I had discovered, I started searching and came across an e-mail
data trail that led directly to the office of the Pope himself. What was discussed, I
cannot know. Over the next two weeks, I began to uncover evidence that the Vatican is very aware of the existence of the companion, and is VERY worried about it. I began to copy files and pictures that were present at the terminal, when I found a repor from the United Nations to the Vatican, as well as a report from NASA regarding their concerns. It is very obvious to me that a great many people and entities know of the companion and are doing their best to keep quiet. VERY quiet. As the next part of my story illustrates.


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