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by CatFan @, Green Country, USA, Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 03:31 @ Theresa

The cats are my family which makes this really hard for me. My parents are long dead and I was an only child who never married or had any children. I do have two living cousins who are in other states so I rarely see them.

Pepper was so special to me. I am writing up a record of memories as I have done for other pets. It helps to know that I can read it anytime I need to so I don't forget how they were special.

Tina, an eleven year old tabby, is still here, and, so far, in good health. She has always been more on the wild side, but has been getting more affectionate as she ages.


Smokey is a cat that has a sad history here at the apartments having been taken in and then left behind several times, so he has some PTSD. He slowly moved in, but prefers to be outside if at all possible. He eats here, and, now that it's summer, hangs out on the patio. He is very gentle and allows me to handle him some. My guess is he is about Tina's age. Both he and Tina are friendly with the neighbors.


My hope is that I outlive the cats. While that is hard on me, I can handle it. I doubt the cats would do very well if I went first. Plus, I want to ensure they have the best quality lives for as long as possible.

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