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by CatFan @, Green Country, USA, Tuesday, July 11, 2017, 18:38

Pepper Princess has had diabetes for over a year which required insulin shots. Treatment was going well for about eight months, but in April she had a low sugar seizure that required ER visit. We got her back on track and things appeared to be going ok.

As summer showed up, Pepper would stay outdoors 24/7; I could not keep her inside for longer than a meal. Her behavior got a little wonky with her sometimes staring into nothing. She started walking with an arched back which is a sign of neurological damage in cats and dogs. Last week she had a hypoglycemic crash while I was away for a few hours. The neighbors told me what happened.

Today, I gave her the usual dose of insulin, but when I went out at noon, I found her in full seizure on the sidewalk. She was semi-rigid, howling in distress and frothing at the mouth. I took her inside and attempted to give her the syrup to raise blood sugar but could not because her jaw was clenched shut and she wasn't able to swallow.

I rushed her to the ER again and they were able to start bringing her around. I discussed the situation with the vet and decided not to continue putting her through these episodes since it was so difficult to keep the insulin and food balanced out. It was time to put her down. They revived her enough so we could hug and kiss one last time.

I enjoyed fourteen fabulous years with a cat that was so attached to me I swear she could understand what I was thinking. I shall surely miss her dearly, but it is worth the marvelous life we had together.

I haven't decided yet whether to change my Avatar, or leave her portrait in tribute to my Cuddle Bear.

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