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Greenhouse Effect of Climate Change Proven Wrong (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by pragnos @, Tuesday, July 11, 2017, 14:49 @ FordPrefect


What happens to a greenhouse if you take away the walls? It cools off to whatever the surrounding temperature is due to free convection access. BTW, even if the glass limits outgoing long wave IR it also prevents the famous down welling or back radiation in the LWIR from entering the greenhouse!? So what is the net effect of that? I found google search hits for comments indicating that an LWIR transparent glazing works just as well as glass. The confinement that prevents convection is a big part of how a green house works. The planet is more like a greenhouse without walls than it is like one with walls. The atmosphere is relatively free to move around and distribute whatever heat is there.

Most climate models assume some averaged surface temperature at which the outgoing LWIR is emitted according to the Boltzman equation where temperature in absolute scale degrees Kelvin is to the fourth power meaning a small increase in temperature increases the watts per square meter significantly. The models seems to me do not capture the outward radiation intensity of the very hot surfaces of deserts, black top, dark roofs, etc. especially if they are only using a linear value for the average. To do so is very poor physics and wrong. These surfaces are not just burning hot to the touch conducting heat into our finger tips, they are also radiating LWIR energy at a much higher intensity than surfaces at the average temperature. To be fair, cold surfaces like ice or ground at night in the polar regions have much lower emission power than anything at the average temperature. Proper math is required to get this right assuming one could measure the amount of area at these temperature extremes and their time varying temperature profiles. Alas, this is very had to do. So we are encouraged to trust climate models!? --pragnos

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