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by Gnosine @, Monday, July 10, 2017, 21:25
edited by Gnosine, Monday, July 10, 2017, 21:43

there was a great war. glass can be found in middle eastern deserts telling of extreme heat from mighty weapons. caves with extensive tunnel networks where inhabitants not of this world sheltered from the pursuit of their enemy that first destroyed their home planet, a place we call mars. both entities became trapped here, a quarantine imposed. both races had to co-exist or perish. one chose antarctica, the other southwest united states. many eons passed as these two races, each with a different agenda, but with the same goal...escape earth and go home. both races knew that humans had to evolve technologically, economically, back to the point they were before the war came. finally, the time had come for one of the races and a person was chosen. the reich was born and its final goal was to unite with these humans and under the cloak of extreme stealth, break away and go home. the other race, having no other option, chose to forge a superpower. using the same stealthy tactic, chose to make earth its home and once the other race was gone, would forge its dominance and reign supreme. we are now witnessing this in antarctica. the reich is long gone, great resources were left buried under ice as the world ignores its fate in the everyday rat race.

this is a fictitious story but examined under conspiratorial lenses the pieces fit.

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