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by pragnos @, Monday, July 10, 2017, 09:41 @ FordPrefect


I do recall the promising days of dismantling their Pu synthesis reactors under Bill C. However, I don't think NK was ever going to go all the way as they need to rattle their sabre once in a while to make sure they have the leverage to bargain with. I think Bush II saw through that. In any case, your NK history lesson makes it clear that the real provocateur is China using NK to make the USA and its allies dance to their tune. In WWII we helped get the Japanese out of China and the response is China goes communist and becomes our adversary in the cold war. Lest we forget the Viet Nam mess where the NV's were supplied by Russia among others helping them lose millions of people driving the USA out. We can thank the French for dropping that mess in our laps.

If trump can get the Chinese to lean on NK to become civilized then no shots need be fired and a win/win outcome is possible. China has very serious economic troubles brewing and needs healthy trade flow so they are vulnerable to embargoes and import taxes. I still think a casino is a good start.--pragnos

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