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by pragnos @, Saturday, July 08, 2017, 23:18 @ FordPrefect


Can you name a war that was ever settled with a win/win peace treaty? There may be, but I don't think the parties in this situation will actually achieve such an agreement. There has to be a clear winner. It was probably only the threat of nuclear attack that stopped the NK's and Chinese from going beyond the 38th parallel. Once NK has deliverable nuclear weapons, that advantage is gone as may already be the case. It may well be that SK has to in effect surrender and sue for peace and eventual reunification. NK has more in common culturally and ethnically with SK than it does with China so it is natural that reunification is desirable and would allow a united Korea to push back against the domination of China that caused the communization of NK in the first place. SK has a lot to offer NK to relieve their long suffering that the Chinese will never provide. China has a vested interest in keeping NK as buffer against the thriving capitalism of SK. --pragnos

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