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Elon Musk's Tesla to build world's largest Lithium Ion battery to secure power for South Australia. (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by pragnos @, Friday, July 07, 2017, 15:05 @ gimp


Great to see a post from you mate! How are your magic surfboards doing? Musk is perfuming the SA denizens with his bold happy talk. 129 Mwh is a big battery for sure and if Musk is telling the truth he will pay $50million out of pocket if the 100 day deadline is missed, then we can calculate the battery cost as just under $400/kwh of capacity. When fully charged the battery could back up the wind farm for maybe an hour of low wind. SA needs probably 1000 times that much storage to begin to be a meaningful backup. That would be a mere $50 billion to be funded by increased electricity rates.

The bottom line is that if people want to be powered by wind and solar reliably, they need storage. Think of how useless the internet would be without memory (storage)!!! Computation and data transfer has to be in near real time with large excess of bandwidth capacity. Reliance on intermittent power sources like wind and solar requires unprecedented storage to cover the gaps when the sun is down and the wind is weak or calm.

I have done some rough calculations for back up for USA + Canada when all energy comes from renewables and no hydrocarbons are any longer burned--complete electrification of EVERYTHING. The needs are seasonal for long periods when the wind is low or calm and demand is high in the summer e.g. The number is 500,000. Gwh or 500,000.000. Mwh, or 500,000,000,000. Kwh! If we use Musk's $400/Kwh battery cost, then we have $200 trillion spread over 350 million people. So each of us on the hook for almost $600,000! Do people see why Musk is pushing his batteries and solar systems so hard?! He wants to be a multi-trillionaire. Politicians and many others can't wait to get their maws into this trough. People are lead to believe that like memory storage vital to the digital age the cost of electricity storage will come crashing down over time. This is physically and chemically impossible with existing technology. Vaunted breakthroughs show up in the news almost daily, but all rely on some other breakthrough that is unlikely to achieved soon if ever. So even if Musk gets the battery cost down to $40/kwh that is still $60,000 per capita obligation. The entire system cost of wind, solar, transmission upgrades, conversion of fossil fueled industry to electricity, storage, etc. will be in the $quadrillions for USA + Canada. I can hear the deafening roar of money printing presses needed to get this going. Dream time here we come--pragnos

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