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North Korea & Trump - Recipe for Disaster? (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by pragnos @, Friday, July 07, 2017, 14:08 @ chazzz


You are right to assert that NK learned from Iraq and other recent campaigns. The problem is not just NK getting nuclear weapons. The fact that NK did so despite heavy sanctions and embargoes leaves the door wide open to countries with plenty of money and technology in the Middle East e.g. to acquire nuclear capabilities particularly if we don't stop NK. This is the new domino effect of one small country getting nukes then more follow. The more countries that have them the more likely a terrorist will use one setting off untold chaos.

It is high time the NK's were liberated from this horror show. We worry about collateral damage, but the longer we wait to end this mess the worse it will be. Or we could lay down arms and offer to be subjects if they promise to be nice to us!? Yeah, that ought to work let's get a petition going for that one.

The trick is to get the Chinese to end the NK horror show by indicating that their prior tolerance of this human rights disaster indicates they don't care about people and there is no hiding it only ending it. --pragnos

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