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North Korea & Trump - Recipe for Disaster? (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by pragnos @, Thursday, July 06, 2017, 23:03 @ FordPrefect

FP & Chazzz;

Maybe Donald should offer to build a casino in Pyongyang if they behave themselves and throw in a few starter chips. It could be a great haven for all of the pedophiles and sex trafficking monsters to gamble away their final years. NK could also be set up in the prison business. That alone might have a chilling effect on crime world wide! Perhaps MacArthur is having the last laugh. He wanted to nuke the NK's and swarming Red Chinese in ~'51 to end the war, but was relieved by Truman. The can is hitting the end of the road no matter how hard we kick it now.

Donald can lean on the Chinese with sanction threats if they don't bring the NK's to heel. Or we could somehow get the Chinese and Russians mad enough at each other to start fighting a bit like the final scene in "Enemy of the State". Or we could send some ISIS finest on a rape and pillage tour to NK. All choices are potentially bad news, yet this monster freak show must be ended. --pragnos

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