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by ConcernedCitizen @, Friday, June 16, 2017, 09:54 @ Theresa

T rightfully states: I do believe it is already illegal to call for violence on POTUS. If it's not illegal, it will certainly get a visit from the authorities.

But our laws don't apply to all of us:
Why isn't snoopy dog crap in jail after his video of a gun to the president's head?
Why isn't madonna in jail for saying she wants to blow up the white house?
Why aren't the cast of the NYC play in jail for the staged murder of the president?

the d-rated kathy griffin had to my knowledge 7 gigs for the rest of the year. What an in demand talent huh? That dried up and now she';s a victim. I guess poor Lizzy Bordon was a victim too. kathy g is expendable. Even CIA asset anderson cooper threw his co-worker under the bus when it was time.

There are laws for the good people of the world and the total losers like kathy g and another set of laws for the slaves of TPTW as long as they continue to do their bidding.

The solution IMO is the same set of laws for everyone, no one is above the law. Threaten anyone and suffer the consequences. Stop following "icon's" like "actors" and "entertainers". Turn of the TV. Discern all "news".
BE PEACE and that's a bitch to do with a severed head in your hand.

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