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by pravdaseeker @, Friday, June 16, 2017, 06:08 @ Theresa

Dear STA Readers, Writers,

Hello Theresa, YES, obviously the shooter is to blame....

But I can not turn the cheek towards the uncountable voices who called for violence, who tweeted and openly spoke of physical harm, even culminating in the whack job red head who held up Trumps severed head, for "comedy" purposes....

I can NOT condone "free speech" that talks so flippantly about harm or death to those who don't have the same political viewpoints as them. Especially if it is a member of government, etc.

And I can NOT help but think the cavalier attitude about saying such terrible things made it all that much easier for this person to decide to do it. Yeah, he was a whack job, but one can't deny that all of the "ANTI TALK" gave an almost "IT IS COOL" to say such rotten things, or promote such terrible things.

This anti tolerant left attitude has CERTAINLY played a part in the multiple beatings, and other assaults on people across this nation just because they were considered supportive of the "right".

NONE of the acts of violence were warranted because the Democrats lost, or for the FALSE news stories that were coming out constantly. Yes, most all of the hub bub and screaming leftists were all about NOTHING; or at least something far less that was being portrayed in the news, and the rhetoric.

It is quite concerning for me to see what is going on in the USA now. I can see SO EASILY how terrible things took place in many nations in the decades past. And it is NOT impossible that terrible things could happen in the USA...because of this propaganda onslaught, and false news, and whack job politicians calling for terrible deeds to be done.

They REALLY should be held accountable, I do believe it is called sedition...

Free speech is one thing, but there is also a limit to where it should be taken...

I.E..... I don't think anyone would/could support a anti-"X" racial rant about any certain ethnic group on the grounds of free speech. The same principle needs to be applied to political dissatisfaction.

The left has certainly shown everyone just how INTOLERANT they really are; and shown America how seditious, and dangerous they can be.

I have NEVER in my life seen such a shit sandwich, I only have read about it in the history of nations who were eventually DESTROYED. Either from a war they started or from within by traitorous citizens.




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