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by Theresa @, Thursday, June 15, 2017, 23:21 @ pravdaseeker

Twitter has become nothing but a bunch of trolls. EVERYTHING gets trolled no matter what side.

You asked who is to blame?


I'm sorry but HE is the one to blame.

I would say the same thing if this was someone perceived as right-wing who did the shooting.

The man had something wrong that he would do something like this.

NOTHING could make me OR YOU do something like this.

The shooter is to blame.

I still believe in the freedom of speech and the blame lies with the perpetrator.

Sorry friend, but I have to disagree with you on this one.

Also, regarding the amount of surgeries, I heard tonight that there was so much internal damage that these were all planned and so far going as planned. So we should keep Scalese in our prayers.

P.S. In the same regard I would and have never let anyone suggest violence of any kind to any person and I will continue to not let that crap be posted here.

BUt I do understand your anger Pravda.

I honestly think a big problem in our society is that anyone who does something like was done yesterday, shoves the blame onto someone else. The lack of taking personal responsibility is a huge part of the decay we see get worse everyday.

And Pravda, I do understand and appreciate you sharing your views openly here.

PPS: And we haven't even factored in that the shooter may have been a pre-programmed 'sleeper'.......But that is a whole different story.

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