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by pravdaseeker @, Thursday, June 15, 2017, 19:46

Dear STA Readers, Writers,

The wounded Senator has had to have more surgery....unknown as to the reason fro additional soon...

I am ONLY GUESSING, but it could be from internal bleeding; or more damage discovered.

This is EXACTLY what I warned about in a post a while back....the MSM can CLAIM innocence but NOT REALLY....

The "left" has said it long enough and loud enough that some whack job decided to do it.... The "left" are nothing but SHIT in my book.... intolerant fucking assholes. Trying to "suggest" someone into doing a terrible deed; and now they have succeeded.


In order to understand the sheer viciousness of what the MSM has been doing, we have to step back a little, widen the picture.

For example, before the election, back in February 2016, a journalist for the New York Times caught a lot of heat for joking about assassinating Donald Trump.

Ross Douthat tweeted Wednesday night, “Good news guys I’ve figured out how the Trump campaign ends” along with a clip from a little-known movie, "The Dead Zone."

In the 1983 flick, Christopher Walken plays a man who can see the future and knows that a US Senate candidate, portrayed by Martin Sheen, will eventually become president and start a nuclear war.

Let us not forget Rachel Maddow over at MSNBC who tweeted in January 2017, "Donald Trump has to be taken out before he ruins our country."

Is it any surprise the shooter was super Rachel Maddow fan, who wrote in a letter to the editor at Belleville News Democrat "One of my favorite TV shows is 'The Rachel Maddow Show' on MSNBC."

In January 2017, another Times journalist, India Knight, called for President Trump's assassination, as well.

Via Daily Wire:

In a hastily-deleted tweet, the liberal pundit said this: "The assassination is taking such a long time."

Now, we won't even get in to what would have happened if a conservative had called for President Obama's assassination. We already know how that would have gone. But ponder this: Why haven't you read this anywhere else? Why isn't this all over the news?

Here's why. After Knight posted the offensive (and perhaps criminal) tweet, she said she was just joking. Get it? Ha ha, someone should kill the president, ha ha ha! And plenty of people went, "Yeah, it's fine."

Assassination "jokes" aside, the media also deliberately misled their readers about the 2016 presidential election, with NBC's Chuck Todd actually admitting that journalists were perfectly aware of how "hated" Hillary Clinton was in the heartland of America, but made the conscious choice to not report it, and to "underplay" that news to the sheep that they still have as an audience.



"If the shooter has a serious health condition then is taking potshots at the GOP house leadership considered self defense?" Harris, a regular at the New Republic tweeted.

Another tweet said, "Steve Scalise is stable, but a lot of Americans die from hospital errors so keep crossing your fingers."

Scalise had been shot by a Bernie campaign volunteer and Maddow fan while practicing for a charity baseball game.

Harris' work has appeared at the Washington Post, which has taken the lead in churning out fake news attacks and random hate against Republicans, at Salon, which is the deranged edge of the left, and the New Republic, which after its purge by a Facebook billionaire has become a pit of social justice hate, and he claimed to work for Vox, though Vox insists on denying that. Vox certainly quoted Harris.

According to his Washington Post, "Malcolm Harris is the author of “Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials,” forthcoming from Little, Brown."

This is the left's hate matrix in action. And it's part of the reason why the shootings happened. The media narrative is being driven by radical leftist bigots like Harris. And whom was the media mainstreaming when it published Harris?




They ‘Deserved It’: Social Media Celebration of VA Shooting Proves Divide and Conquer is Working

The tweets and quotes by fellow Americans are totally appalling.. here is the link: CLICK HERE

I hope Rachel rots in hell.... the Washington Post burns down, and most of all, ANYONE threatening to do ANYTHING to the President gets locked up for a LONG time.

I don't give a shit how you feel about it all... violence is NOT the answer. The "left" lost the election, get over it... and try acting like a civilised adult about it all too please. Sadly, NONE of this non-stop bullshit surprises me, including this shooting. Some whack job was bound to give it a go....and there are probably a bunch more thinking the same SICK SHIT!

All of this ha-ha, I am "just joking" when certain people saying or suggesting to do terrible things about/to the President...has got to STOP!

This type of behaviour by some in the left truly risks starting a civil war. The well behaved conservatives "might" become bad behaving conservatives...and want a butt load of payback someday...

I am foaming at the mouth pissed off over this latest political violence... he thought Rachel Maddow was the greatest... Well he is DEAD and in hell now.... good riddance. Too bad they didn't kill him BEFORE he did his dirty deeds.

The "left" is shit in my book forever now....MSM included.

God DAMN you ALL who thought this was a "good move"... or too bad it wasn't Trump....

Twitter world has lit up with a ton of sick bastards, who need to be jailed.




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