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D.C. and Maryland to sue President Trump, alleging breach of constitutional oath (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by pragnos @, Monday, June 12, 2017, 11:54 @ Theresa


This is another attempt to pile on Trump. There are legal issues to be reviewed for sure. He has put himself in a difficult position by continuing to frequent buildings that his business owns or operates or gets paid to let the owners use his name. What do we expect him to do? Walk away from it all and donate it to charity?!! The Bushes are wealthy and had potential for their government policies and actions to effect the fortunes of oil investments. The Clintons struggled with their Whitewater connections among others. If Elon Musk were elected to POTUS, would we expect him to divest of Tesla and Solar City and have arms length influence on government energy policies?!! John Kerry came into a huge fortune when he out of the blue married Theresa Heinz the widow of another Senator, Heinz, who died in a suspicious plane crash. All above the law indeed it seems.

The DC and MD AG's are advocating for the economic gain of their convention centers pure and simple it is about money couched in a political sting. --pragnos

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