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by pragnos @, Monday, June 12, 2017, 11:32 @ FordPrefect


These are the messengers for the real snakes. Killing the messengers will have only a short lived whack-a-mole effect. Who recruits, brainwashes, and trains the suicide bombers? Who recruits and trains the trainers? Who is at the top of this evil pyramid? Find them and hold them accountable. Everything else is a murderous distracting side show.

The potential for unspeakable evil lurks within each of us. It takes a life long devotion to live a righteous life of loving kindness to keep our personal dark side from acting out. Free will is the freedom to choose either evil dark side motivated actions with any attending sanctions or consciously choosing the demanding path of righteous loving kindness with the blessings of the creator and the slings and arrows of the evil actors. Popular notions of free will are not what was offered in the Biblical setting. Biblical free will is more like a parent trying to encourage their children to follow a healthy life path knowing that children have to test the rules and experience the consequences enough where they either die from the extremes or come back to the truth in the tellings of their fathers and mothers and work to live righteously. As I wrote to one of my students who is having difficulty completing their course work due to personal strife, "Kindness is the surest path to joy". --pragnos

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