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by chazzz @, USA, Saturday, June 10, 2017, 18:38 @ Theresa

Let me clarify a couple of things:
(1) I am a registered Democrat though I tend to actually be independent in my voting.
(2) I am an American of European descent and have had several friends from Europe and Asia.
(3) I would be glad to welcome people of Islamic culture to this country if they in turn recognized and accepted American values and laws and if none of their children became terrorists.

I have high confidence that nearly all immigrants of Islamic heritage coming to America simply wants a safe place to raise their families and an oppetunity to succeed in our economy. The problem, when it arises is there is a big built in tension between most Arab Islamic cultures and American culture. Here we believe in freedom for men and women to live their lives - women are not owned or screened off. They have a mostly equal chance for freedom and independence if they want that. And we are tolerant of many things specifically forbidden in Islam - the sight of female skin, alcohol, and in many communities drugs or at least marijuana. Additionally, men and women are mostly free to have "straight" gay, or otherwise relationships.

Unless they are one of the very few who came to this country specifically to attack or undermine American culture, nearly all new immigrants simply want to find a place to survive and thrive. Understandable they do tend to teach their children the culture and values where they came from while at the same time trying to fit into their community - No problems with that.

The problem, when it occurs are that a few of the first or second generation born in America or brought here as children have trouble fitting into this place that is America. A few of these "lost boys" are unable to feel at home either as full fledged Americans or as members of their parents culture. Things get worse by the time adolescents are usually becoming social and dating. No American girl who respects herself is going to want to get the kind of treatment that is routine for girls or women in the culture of the parents of these boys. So these lost boys have trouble fitting into the dating and pairing off process so important in the teen and young adult years. That internal frustration and dissatisfaction leads to hostility toward the community and nation around these lost boys. The Jihadists tell these lost boys and lost young men that they are not the problem - The problem is that the people around them who fit into American culture are evil and deserve to die. Becoming suicide bombers or attackers fits because it also fits into their deep self-loathing as neither good Muslims nor Americans (or British or French or German, etc.)

So nearly all immigrants from Islamic countries come with the intention of just fitting in and surviving here - Which is entirely understandable and laudable. But nearly all the terrorists who murder and strike in Western countries are Islamic. Are we supposed to just ignore that? Does not our government and our immigration policies not owe it to American citizens (or Western European in other countries) to act reasonably to reduce a known risk? This was a major part of what got Trump elected. A very significant part of the voting public basically agree with this concept. I believe this is one of the issues that lost the election for Hillary. It did not help that the Clinton foundation was accepting very large donations from Arab oil sheiks which probably created a patronage relationship.

I even suspect that a history with the Clinton Foundation donors being Arab Oil Sheiks might be a part of why the Democratic establishment was so pro-Islamic migration to the US. Yes, of course the Democratic Party has had a history of inclusiveness of all recent immigrants for the past several decades. But in my mind it does not quite explain the head-in-the-sand aspect of ignoring some of the consequences of especially Arab Islamic migration.


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