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by ConcernedCitizen @, Friday, June 09, 2017, 11:09 @ CatFan

I'm not happy with much of what Trump has said in the past but would like to hear what hillary and bill said behind the scenes and on jeffrey epstein's lolita express. People in power say stupid things but there is no evidence that Trump is a rapist as opposed to the clinton's.
Some congress critter was totally out to lunch IMO when she mentioned that if a thief has a gun to your head and "hopes" you will give them your money that it is an order. Talk about stretching the truth.
If Trump resigned today he IMO will still have accomplished so much. He's destroying a half dead main stream media. He's destroying both the republican and democratic parties and shown them to be frauds. As a result the talking heads, both parties, most forms of media and many of our foreign "allies" continue to attack him.
People like kathy griffen and others have shown their repulsiveness and total lack of understanding anything outside of their own sad egos than they play the victim card. The more I see of people like griffin attacking him the more my gut tells me to support him.

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