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Intriguing - Real X-Men and Women? (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by zoid @, Thursday, June 08, 2017, 17:19 @ chazzz

Occam's razor says these videos are likely rigged somehow I'll grant that.
Security cameras are everywhere now days and they catch all sorts of stuff. earthquakes, tornados, robbers and so on so I can't be too surprised when they catch weird events.
I have had MANY paranormal things happen in my life often with witnesses

In my own life I have had many 'warnings" of impending death or serious injury.
I call it my guardian angel. It occurs in the form of a voice in my ear.
I'll give some examples.

When I was a teenager I was living at home. My stepfather was a mean alcoholic who wanted to take things the wrong way as an excuse to commit violence. I was standing at the sink doing dishes. I said some off hand thing which threw him into a rage. He threw a glass of booze in my direction. Time slowed way down and a voice said "cover your eyes". I did and the glass exploded in the sink in front of me. I tore out of the house , jumped in my car and screeched down the street. I stopped at a red light and heard an odd dripping noise. I looked down and blood was running off the backs of both hands from a hundred cuts.

A few years later about 1980 I had moved to Santa Cruz Ca. I was new in town, un attached. A woman at work invited me to come over and stay the night. I was a young horny man... why not? The voice said "don't sleep with her, stay away from her" so I didn't take the invite. a few months later she came down with a [then] mysterious disease that had a rare type of cancer as a symptom and she died. That disease got a name later. AIDS a main symptom of it was that rare cancer.
It was just getting started in the gay community in SF less than 100 miles away.

A short time later I got another warning. This time a vivid vision. I was at work and suddenly went blind. I held onto the edge of my workbench. A vision happenned before my eyes. A saw myself pulling out onto the main road after work [a spot with poor visibility due to brush], looking to the left I saw a fire truck coming right at me, red lights but no siren. He was right on top of me and I knew I was a dead man. The vision faded, I got my sight back and nobody noticed anything with me. At the end of the day I drove to that intersection, looked and listened extra carefully. Nothing coming. Because of that vision I decided to count 5 seconds and look again.1...2...3...zoom there when a fire truck doing at least 50 red lights but no siren. I had to change my underwear when I got home.

many many incidents like this have happenned to me.. the voice warning. I only had a vision once.

I used to live in a haunted house. I wouldn't say anything to overnight guests but they often told me about seeing odd things happened at night. I saw plenty of odd poltergeist type stuff myself. So did my ex.

I saw A UFO once with friends near the Santa Suzanna rocket testing site near LA in the late 70s. We didn't report it and only spoke about it among friends..
A few weeks later all of us who were there got some gov't forms to fill out regarding the sighting to send back to a PO box in DC. WTF??

When I was in high school I had a psychology class. The teacher said we had to do a term paper or do some sort of experiment and document it. I hated term papers so I did an experiment. The premis was... Can you increase your psychic power through practice? I got a bunch of computer generated lists of numbers [0-9] and put each list in an envelope. I had several friends participate. I went to each of their houses every day for 2 weeks. Their job was to guess the sequence of random numbers in the sealed envelope. I wrote the guesses down on the outside of the envelopes and scored them all later. The result of that experiment??? Yes you can increase your ability to guess those numbers to well over chance. The graphs of the participant's scores sloped upward over 2 weeks form pure chance to well over chance after 2 weeks . I got an A+ for that! Unfortunately I lost the write up for it over the years. [1974]

I definately believe in this stuff because it has happenned to me many times.

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