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Intriguing - Real X-Men and Women? (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by chazzz @, USA, Thursday, June 08, 2017, 15:19 @ Theresa

A very intriguing video. Admittedly, there is no proof that these videos were not staged and edited. I tend to have more doubts when a "random" occrance is filmed right in the center stage of surveillance videos. But it definitely raises a couple of interesting questions - Are there people among us with extra powers and abilities and If there are such people what would they do with these abilities?

I tend to be a bit more cynical than most, so unless a claim fits within my own range of direct experience and witness, I tend to doubt extraordinary claims. But my own experience and feelings has hinted that telekinesis is possible as well sometimes sensing the presence of human "predators." That makes me more open to the possibility that some people might have even more of the same sort of extra abilities than my own experience and witness.

When I was in junior high and high school I played lots of board games which involved throwing dice. Especially in high school I regularly played Risk with my friends. That game relies on opponents each throwing dice to determine the results of a battle and the one with the most and highest numbers up on the dice win. Over this period I found that if I put myself into a certain state of mind and visualized, for example 3 six's that it seemed my luck was considerably better than average in having a high score. I did not even look at the dice in my hand before throwing them and could not tell their position in my hand before throwing - so it was not that I had learned to get the dice to roll a certain number of times to turn over to the desired face. I also found that after playing Risk like this and concentrating so hard on the dice throws that my brain felt profoundly tired after a while. I am not saying I could levitate or move objects, or even get my desired throw every time. It was just that it seemed I had some ability to shade my odds in my favor. This only seemed to apply to real objects - not modern slot machines which are entirely electronically controlled by programs and electronic pseudo-random number generators.

I believe my experiences show that at least some small degree of telekinesis is possible, even though the magnitude I have been able make happen is very minimal. That leaves it open in my mind that among the billions of people on this earth some, either by accident of birth or by innate ability plus practice may be able to make things happen and physically move objects or people with their mind or will. To me that leaves the first question at least open - perhaps there are people with extra abilities out of the normal.

The second question - What would these people do is, I think answered by human experience. There is nothing like the perception of a serious threat to motivate you to do things you thought you could not do. I have been in a couple of traffic accidents in which my brain, like many peoples experience, kicked into fast forward and the world seemed to slow down while you do your best to avoid the oncoming accident. The most vivid was when a car from the oncoming lane veered over the median and then was ploughing down the freeway into oncoming rush-hour traffic. The cars in front of me slammed on their brakes and just before I though I was going to hit the cars in front of me, they parted like Moses and the Red Sea. Just as I thought thank God I'm not hitting them I saw what they were reacting to - An on-coming wrong way car glanced off one car and then another and was heading straight for me. Time had slowed down, I wrestled the steering control and brakes to try to avoid being hit. I was nearly successful - wrong way car just clipped my rear fender. As I said, many people experience this same ability that the brain and visual system goes into high gear when facing a serous immanent threat. In that kind of situation we discover strengths we did not know we had. So if a person had extra abilities, it stands to reason that they would use them when they or someone else was under great threat or danger. That was clearly a theme in all but the "flash" high speed guy video segment.


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