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I'm Back. :-) And boy do I have some stories for you all! (NEWS AND CONVERSATIONS)

by TomSawyer ⌂ @, Colorado, Sunday, May 28, 2017, 22:48

Hello to my STA family. I have been away for several years now.
My life took many twists and turns along the way, to say the least.
I am divorced now. Lost my pride and joy (daughter) in the process.
That tramatized me, almost had a nervous breakdown. Then ended up
homeless 7 months now, while I waited for my veterans disability claim
to be approved. That finally happened a couple of weeks ago. So now I am
in the process of rebuilding my life again.

Now before anyone goes and feels sorry for me, please don't. That is not
why I am writing this to you all. I am writing this to you all because I am
going to be sharing the story of how I got here, and all of the crazy things
that have happened along the way. I am going to be starting a book soon.
Because if you doubt synchrinicities and signs are a form of communication from
Source. After you read what I have to say, it just may change your mind!

I am typing on a cell phone, in the jungles of Hawaii right now.
So like I said no need to feel sorry for me. But I am limited in my.
communication abilities. So hang in there. Over the next few days.
I will take you on the wild ride, that has been known as my life.
I hope that you all enjoy what I have to tell you, and I hope that it
opens a lot of eyes/hearts/minds along the way.

I am one with Source, and Source is with me,

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know true peace. Jimi Hendrix

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