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by Gnosine @, Thursday, May 18, 2017, 20:22 @ CatFan

as per these indicators and the opinion that the greater depression started in the early 2000's. opening salvo could start in may as an epic "sell in may and go away" ensues thereby creating deflation with a muddle through until this fall in a hyper-inflationary environment due to a money printing frenzy. we have to watch and see how the 401k's, ira's, and bank bail-ins come into play. nonetheless, it is the essentials that are the prime investment to be making now. just my thoughts while agreeing, that socially, this country is on the brink. i wish positive things could be said and i just detest the negativity but it cannot be overlooked because that is the reality as i view it at the grocery store and the people just stand at the meat counter and stare as if stupefied. it royally pisses me off and hurts deep inside.

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