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by pragnos @, Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 10:10 @ FordPrefect


I finally googled your handle/screen name and the joke is definitely on me! I am not well read in the answer is 42 realm. A long gone UK Ford vehicle is the name sake. Orwell probably was not well. It is actually too much work to set up and maintain a system like the Matrix or the 1984 scheme. The rate at which data centers and super data centers are being built is increasing and will before long become the dominant consumer of electrical energy on the planet and that is before the IOT goes totally on line. What could go wrong with such an elaborate interconnected mish mash conceived, built, and operated by people who think they are too smart to make mistakes that cannot be fixed by more software. There is a very rude awakening brewing for these self righteous fools. They will find that the control system for all of this will consume more electricity than is produced by the system it controls with nothing left over for productive use! --pragnos

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