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Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich 'had WikiLeaks links' according to private investigator - but the victim's family have dismissed the PI's claims as 'fake evidence'i (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by Theresa @, Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 16:50

Seth Rich was gunned down in Washington DC as he walked home from a bar

DC police claimed the DNC data analyst, 27, was killed in a 'botched robbery'

A private investigator working on the case claims his death is being covered up

Rod Wheeler claims to have evidence Mr Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks

He also believes the authorities have been ordered to drop the investigation

But Rich's family called that 'fake evidence' and said they'd heard nothing

They said the claims were just a distraction from finding Rich's real killers

And they complained the PI was only supposed to speak with their authorization
Wheeler's services were offered to the family and paid for by a third party


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