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Questions and Mixed Feelings About This Story (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by chazzz @, USA, Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 15:25 @ Theresa

I have a lot of unanswered questions about this story:

On one side, I would prefer that the US work with Russia to counter ISIS. In Syria, Russia is there on the ground and in the air supporting the Assad Syrian Government which happens to include ISIS as an enemy and vice versa. And Russia has lost one or two aircraft with crews and passengers in the past year or so probably due to ISIS attacks in the region. And if the President chooses to declassify and release information or share it with specific nations for our mutual benefit that is his legal right.

On the other side, Donald Trump is no career politician nor military background person and he may be prone to speaking and sharing and bragging about things he should let slide.

If the Washington Post story is essential true, this disclosure might make the sources of such intel dry up by potentially exposing them to a non-aligned nation. But, frankly I think the Washington Post and whoever leaked the story is doing this far more towards that by putting it out in the open rather than limiting the disclosure to what was diplomatically shared between the President and official Russian representatives. Furthermore by releasing a sensational sounding but informatioally vague story there is no way to confirm or deny the truth of the story. So those who dislike and distrust Trump will assume the story is true, and those who believe in and trust Trump will believe the President's denials. In the end there is no way to publicly determine the truth of the accusation.

Personally I feel a degree of ambivalence toward Trump. There are some things about him (mostly his emphasis on America First, keeping jobs here, and a possible alliance with Russia where it serves our joint interests like against ISIS). There are things about Trump I do not like mostly his personal style - his personal attitudes toward women, his boasting, and his need for constant praise, and what seems to be a developing mindset to in which he seems to be inclined toward an undemocratic presidency.

I do not doubt that there are an array of forces within Washington and the nation in general that wants Trump to fail and be impeached or forced to resign. I do not quite know when the news leakers and media are playing a constructive role in maintaining our representative democracy and when they are simply playing hard ball trying to take Trump down without real consideration of what is true and fair. Unfortunately Trump's personality is such that he is at risk of looking worse by over-reacting to leaks and criticism.

In a sense we have a "Mr Smith Goes To Washington" situation where a generally well meaning recently elected President is out of his element among Washington politics and a mostly unfriendly media. However, we do not have the comfort of an assured happy ending for a movie. President Trump is an imperfect personality with some good and some bad ideas, and some that are just not well communicated. Either Trump will learn to work within the limits of his power and with the system as it exists, or Trump and quite possibly the Republican Party will implode and be replaced.


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