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by pravdaseeker @, Saturday, May 13, 2017, 19:26 @ Theresa

Dear STA Readers, Writers,

Since we know that this internet disaster came from alphabet agency "tools"; one would think that "they" would be much more CAREFUL with these sort of bad things. viruses, ransomware, spying, hacking crap they do.

It is apparently now in the hands of criminals. Well, one could argue it has been in the hands of criminals since it's inception. Ha! Now, it is in the hands of the common street criminal, or internet criminal.

Microsoft stock will skyrocket as ALL computer folks and GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS upgrade to #10, or the coming 11???? A lot of businesses etc, got hit especially hard, because they don't the latest and greatest edition of Microsoft software.

Because of this recent hacking of the world; one can pretty much bet on some coming "changes" for those who want to use the internet. SOMEWHERE someone is going to suggest, then demand more security, and ability to prosecute such crimes as the world got hit with.

Things are changing in a number of areas. There were what I considered DRASTIC changes in how I filed taxes for the USA as an ex-pat recently. Way over the top requests by the IRS for ANYTHING economic.

For the first time I got hit for taxes in my superannuation. It like a 401k in the USA. The IRS is NOW taxing ex-pats retirement funds! Before I even get one cent in benefit from it! I am TRYING to build it up, so I can retire, but the IRS is tapping me now for about 1000 to 1500 a year for "superannuation gains"!!

In Oz, they do NOT touch it, until it becomes actual "income"... it is technically a retirement savings account, before tax type set up. By law.. every Ozzian has to have one if I am not mistaken.

Another odd thing is the seeming uptick in airline "incidents". Strange stories like a lady getting kicked out of a lounge because she had a special needs dog...??? Holy crap.. what's going on? A lady got "beat", or at list hit with a baby stroller not long ago on a plane and kicked off.

A gang of teenagers taking over and robbing a BART tram in San Francisco not long ago...

Chicago in line for another record year in murdering each other..

Even further divisions within the society itself, between left and right, races, belief systems, you name it.

It is all a sign, especially the taxation changes I now endure, are signs of a society in DECLINE.

An economically challenged "empire" getting serious competition from emerging societies.

"Lions" eating their offspring... taking away things from the people, like freedom, privacy, economic privacy, education of choice, etc.. the wonderful things this particular country "claims" to espouse and have in it's system! Other countries are doing it too. It isn't just the USA. So far, touch wood, things are still relatively SANE in Oz, no over the top crap just yet. For the most part.

Bitcoin was becoming a serious concern for banks. Alternative digital currencies are ALL a problem for banks. Banks do NOT like the competition.

And rightly so, these digital currencies can be used for nefarious purposes by those so encline to do criminal behaviour. But I am betting there will some serious pushes to regulate, or eliminate digital currencies such as "bitcoin".

They will certainly want to establish a "chain of ownership" that can't be thwarted someday, to track all transactions.

Of course, none of us would be dealing with this latest hacking disaster if the NSA, or whoever NEVER created it in the first place.

All of the current situation looks like a terrible war or economic mess, or both probably are in the cards not too far down the road. Nobody seems willing to make the correct decisions to back away from the mushroom cloud buttons.

Nobody is sitting down and making the deals needed to avoid the coming mess. It CAN, or COULD be done. But, apparently not in the cards, at least right yet.

It just seems so convenient for this to happen right before a terrible war is launched, when all kinds of restrictions, and perhaps even rationing happens again. They would need, or want a much "tighter" internet system.

What was extremely bad about this latest ransomeware thing is it affected hospitals, and medical records etc... some peoples lives were probably put in danger over it all. Now that will get the masses screaming for more security and controls, etc.

Problem, reaction, solution AGAIN, in my eyes.




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