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by CatFan @, Green Country, USA, Saturday, May 13, 2017, 09:19

Up till now, I have avoided watching Hannibal because of the horror included. I was originally reluctant to watch The Walking Dead for the same reason. I did try TWD, and found I could handle it. Then, after getting hooked on the story, I came to the conclusion that the zombies were like giant insects devouring everything in their path, and the horror disappeared for me.

Back to Hannibal. I watched a few of the last season's episodes and was able to understand the core characters so it made sense to me. Other than Dr. Lecter, the key person is Will, the investigator who is recruited out of retirement for one last case. Here is my take on this character.

Will is obviously a forensic psychic who uses his abilities to 'get into the head' of the sought criminal for the purpose of identifying and catching him. It is easy to see why Will lost himself in his previous work. He broke rule one of psychics which is NEVER 'get in the head' of your target because you can thereby be attacked by the entities attached to same. The only safe way to do what he wants to do is to use psychic sight as an OBSERVER, never as a participant. It reminds me of the brilliant movie, The Cell.

I am amazed that Hannibal ran for three seasons with this flawed premise at its core. It must be because the public is clueless about this. And, for them to repeat that Lecter is not insane is ludicrous. He is obviously a psychopath.

WARNING: If you do watch this, be prepared for some truly disturbing cruelty and massive amounts of blood.

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