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Sad to See Sears In Such A Condition (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by pragnos @, Friday, May 12, 2017, 15:53 @ chazzz


For some reason our family was more likely to go to Wards first and Sears was a second choice. We felt Sears was more snooty and perhaps more expensive than Wards who of course went away many years ago. I kind of stuck with that myself as I grew up and moved out until Wards folded. I still have an old style Wards car battery charger my parents got me well over 40 yrs ago and it still works! I have modified it slightly by putting a filter capacitor across the output and a 12V cigarette lighter jack to allow plugging in 12V appliances meant for use in cars. There is an old Wards warehouse building in Baltimore that is a multi story concrete structure that has gone through several incarnations. You could order stuff downstairs and the clerks would scurry off to fetch the item and bring it to the desk or loading dock.

The Sears here in the Columbia, MD mall has downsized from two floors to one. They have eliminated nearly all clothing and jewelery from in store sales. They also closed the auto service bay. The upstairs will become food service and other fast traffic stuff. There is a Macy's at another spoke of the mall that may suffer as well as a Nordstroms, Lord & Taylors, and JCPenney all awaiting the mall collapse syndrome. It will be brutal here as they have been aggressively building by converting parking lots and open pieces of ground to 400-500 unit rental apartments with the mall as a draw. I don't know who is renting these apartments that go for over $2000/mo for a 1 bdrm and over $3000/mo for 3 bdrm. They are renting so we'll see how the local economy progresses. Maybe North Korea will buy Sears for a song. --pragnos

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