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by CatFan @, Green Country, USA, Friday, May 12, 2017, 10:07 @ Theresa

I hope you have a way to watch this dynamite tv program. It is a European production about the CIA office in Berlin where they are looking for an inside whistleblower similar to Snowden who repeatedly leaks info embarrassing to the CIA Berlin Station.

The first two episodes get off to a slow start with character introduction and plot setup. Be warned, this is European tv that has different standards and shows total nudity along with the standard American violence. During the season, they get in some accurate, direct jabs at America and the CIA.

The cast is stellar with my favorite being Rhys Ifans. This Welshman pulls off a perfect American accent and delivers the most powerful performance. After him, I would say Richard Jenkins and Leland Orser (husband of Jeanne Triplehorn) give the most engaging, believable performances. The German actor who plays the drag queen antagonist is perfect. The German actress who plays the German spy is ok. Michelle Forbes gives a solid performance. I am sorry to say that the actor with star billing, Richard Armitage, gives a more reserved performance than is typical for him. Hopefully, he will gin it up in season 2.

This is really worth your while to watch the interaction between the CIA and German spies.

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