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'Manhattan Project' Scientists Warn: 'Clock Is Ticking, Probability Of Global Catastrophe Is Very High' (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by Theresa @, Friday, May 12, 2017, 04:35

Builders Of The Atomic Bomb Echo Anonymous Warnings

Founded in 1945 by Manhattan Project scientists who 'could not remain aloof to the consequences of their work', the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists chronicled the dawn of the nuclear age as told by the men and women who built the atomic bomb and then lobbied with both technical and humanist arguments for its abolition. 'The Bulletin' is also the creator of the iconic 'Doomsday Clock' which documents how close these nuclear scientists believe the human race is to destroying itself.

As 'The Bulletin' reported in January of 2017, 'the clock' has moved ahead to 2 1/2 minutes before midnight here in 2017, as close to midnight as the 'Doomsday Clock' has been since 1953 according to their 'timeline of doom' which documents changes to the clock over the past 72 years.

This story will take a look back at major changes that have been made over the years to the 'doomsday clock' as well as taking a look at why we're now nearly 'closer to doom' than the world has been at any time since the atomic bomb was created through the words of those who created it. We also have embedded below a new video interview of Dr. Peter Vincent Pry with Fox News radio in St. Louis as well as a new video from Anonymous Official that the Drudge Report linked to Tuesday morning warning the world to prepare for World War 3 as nation after nation across the planet are now doing.


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