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Sears Wishbook Days (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by chazzz @, USA, Thursday, May 11, 2017, 18:06 @ Theresa

In our home we had many stories centered around the Sears Wishbook.

In the fall when the Christmas catalog the "Wishbook" came in the mail you knew Christmas was coming. I would study those toy pages when I was young and make my choice and preferences for "Santa" courtesy of my parents, of course.

When my brother was a teen and it was summer, my mom told him that he needed to be looking for a job for the summer. Mom says that he picked up the Sears catalog, flipped through it and eventually told mom that he didn't see anything he needed - So he guessed he didn't need a job. Mom was able to increase the motivation....

Our small town in Mississippi started out with a catalog store only with a few appliances, car tires, and car batteries on display. You called in your order on the phone and usually came to the store to pick it up to save on the shipping charges. Then they built a mall and there was a beautiful big Sears one end and a J C Penney store on the other. I also remember the candy counter! In those days that had the slogan "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" prominently displayed.

Dad told about the lady who came in wanting her money back for an empty box of chocolates. She went to the candy counter and said the candy was stale. But when the clerk opened the box it was empty. She said she couldn't refund an empty box. And if it was stale why did she eat every piece. The lady said she kept thinking the next chocolate wouldn't be stale. The customer insisted on speaking to the store manager, quoting Sears Money Back policy. The manager came over and eventually they refunded her money. Those days are long gone!


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