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Sad to See Sears In Such A Condition (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by chazzz @, USA, Thursday, May 11, 2017, 16:56 @ Theresa

My Dad worked as an appliance repairman and installer for Sears from about 1960 until the 1980's when his heart condition forced a medical retirement. I remember that Christmas, all our appliances, tires, car batteries, tools, and most household goods came from Sears. Now our local Sears retail store has closed and the mall it was part of is being torn down. And our town is relatively prosperous.

It is sad to see how Sears has stumbled and fallen. At one time it was essentially what Amazon is now. Part of Sears' problems were initially self-induced by not keeping up with changing consumer preferences, and part were a reflection of the drowning middle class who were the ones who used to shop at Sears and J C Penny's.

Unfortunately the current CEO of Sears is aparantly blind to anything that was not his idea based on articles I have read about the conditions Sears management and executives live and work under. I have read he drives away talented people who might otherwise used their own minds and eyes to find ways to adapt Sears to modern market conditions.

I have had a Sears Rewards account for quite some time. At no point did I ever make a purchase decision based on that. I have used the credits I had in the account to help pay for things I was buying anyway. But looking for a clothes washer recently, at no point did that program influence our purchase decision. We looked for a highly reliable brand that performed well and purchased it where it was convenient.

Some people are like "one trick ponies" they have one answer, one plan and are incapable of adjusting to new conditions. The current CEO of Sears seems to be one of those people. In my heart I have already mourned the loss of an old line business I used to love.


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