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There is Something Very Strange about This Man! Kushner and Soros - VID (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by CatFan @, Green Country, USA, Tuesday, April 18, 2017, 09:59 @ Theresa

I believe Bannon had more to do with that win. Bannon however has since made a huge tactical error and paid for it. When the influence struggle in the WH heated up, Bannon chose to attack Kushner and even some against Ivanka. Thou shalt not go up against daddy's little girl, or her hubby. If Bannon had been more oblique, and not directly challenged Kushner, he might still have some power.

My cynical mind says Kushner is a Zionist plant who was directed to 'capture' Ivanka. This will not turn out well for any of us.

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