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by CatFan @, Green Country, USA, Monday, April 17, 2017, 18:27

Last week, my diabetic cat had a serious incident and I decided to take her to the vet ER. My cats are my family, since all I have left in humans is two cousins in other states. Plus Pepper, my avatar here on the forum, is my precious cuddle bear who I am not ready to give up. It cost me over $400.

To save on monthly expenses so I can pay down the debt, I decided to use my seven year old prepper inventory of Yoder's canned meats. The cans have been stored in my apartment and all are still in pristine condition. So, I opened one of the chicken chunks. Joy, oh joy, this is just as tasty as I remember the samples being when I bought these. And, best of all, no can or spamy taste. This is really good news. I already tested the canned bacon and it is to die for.

I figure I need the money right now, and who knows how long the cans would be good anyway? The rest of my food stash is dehydrated so it should last quite a while longer.

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